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ADSENT is an engineering company that was established by a group of engineers who have demonstrated their knowledge and experience, through many large projects, in French engineering consulting ifrms in the field of construction engineering.

ADSENT has a network of partners including all-size construction companies, manufacturers of steel structures and prefabricated cladding components, ultra-high performance concrete facade facings (UHPC), glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and many other composites components.

With its network of industrial partners, ADSENT is able to provide complete solutions of metal construction, ranging from the manufacturing of simple parts to the assembly of complex structures (PRS, bent parts, tubulars, etc.).

ADSENT ofers a complete range of services from design studies to integrated project management.
With more than 35 years of success and experience, its team of engineers, assisted by a highly qualifed staff using modern technologies, ADSENT is able to respond to the most complex projects.

ADSENT can, within a very short time, set up a large team of engineers and technicians to ensure the prime contracting,
management, design and implementation study of complex projects.

The large production capacity of its suppliers enables ADSENT to meet delivery deadlines with undeniable quality.

Project management, from design to assembly, allows ADSENT to optimize its production flows in order to best meet the expectations of its customers, the quality of technical documents, written documents, execution plans, manufacturing plans, on which the success of a project depends.

The areas of intervention are practically varied: Industrial production sector • Metallurgical complexes • Chemical industry • Oil storage facility and Gas, oil refineries • Agro-industrial and food industry • Cement factories, glass factories, ceramic factories, etc. Transport Infrastructure Sector: • Slender bridges, cable-stayed, tunnels and various galleries • Air terminal and railway station • Aircraft hangars • Pylons for power lines Construction and commercial sector • Industrial buildings • Shopping centers • Supermarkets, showrooms • logistics center and warehouses, • industrial refrigerators • offices and business centers Education, Sports and Culture • Sports complexes, stadiums • Exhibition center • Mediatech and cultural centers Solutions for agro-industry • storage and packaging centers cereals and vegetables, • silos • fat tanks • dairy factories.

Resources and production capacity

The ADSENT partner network, present in the Central and Eastern European markets, has
produced and installed more than 5 million tons of metal structures. This network
includes the manufacture of various metal structures, one of which ensures the
production of cold formed sections, of sandwich panels (single and double skin),
steel tanks and various secondary structure components for façades and roofing.
The design studies activity and several manufacturing units involve close
cooperation with specialized design ofces atall stages of the project. Therefore, ADSENT cooperates closely with the main French, Russian and Ukrainian research centers such as CTICM, CSTB, CEBTP, the Paton Institute and the Russian research center for building materials and Nanotechnologies (NII- SMIT).
For the realization of its studies, ADSENT uses the best known software, such as Tekla,
Revit, Robobat, ANSYS, NASTRAN, ADYNA and CATIA.

Design studies are carried out by an experienced team of engineers and technicians, under the supervision of highly qualified project managers, who have played a decisive role in mega international projects such as:

PNU – Princess Nora Univerisity, Saudi Arabia in collaboration with OGER INTERNATIONAL

KACWC – King Abdulaziz Center of World Culture in collaboration with OGER INTERNATIONAL

Turkmenbashi Oil Refinery Turkmenistan in collaboration with TECHNIP

Midle-Est Oil Rafinery, Alexandria, Egypt in collaboration with TECHNIP

Cement factory El-Kef, Tunisia in collaboration with TECHNIP

Lafarge ciment of Teil, France in collaboration with TECHNIP

Whether for the masters of work (communities, schools, hospitals, administrations, industrialists, retailers, companies) or the masters of work and architects, the ADSENT partner companies respect the most demanding specifications and propose innovative designs based on powerful computer and industrial tools.

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